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Chris Fox's Politics Section

My Views

Agriculture and Food

I recognise everyone's right to have enough food and clean water to live. I favour organic and free range methods of food production.

Animal Welfare

I oppose the killing of animals for any purpose other than for food or as a last resort to end their own suffering, and any practice which induces suffering.

Built Environment

I recognise everyone's right to comfortable, affordable housing and accessible services. I favour building on derelict sites whenever possible.

Constitutional Issues

I favour a written, democratic constitution, incorporating the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights, under which the primary legislative chambers are elected by Single Transferable Vote and decisions are taken at the most local practical level of government.


I believe weapons should only be used in defence of one's own country and, in line with international agreements, others, and that a country's stock of weapons should be set accordingly.

Economics and Trade

I believe businesses should be allowed to conduct their operations as they see fit, to the extent that they do no unnecessary harm to workers, consumers or the environment.

Education and Training

I favour an education and training policy which aims to fulfil students' potential, give them the skills and knowledge they will need in life, and promote respect for human rights.


I believe everyone should have the opportunity to undertake a career in line with their skills and interests, one which provides sufficient remuneration to support a decent standard of living and which, subject to the requirements of the work, provides pleasant working conditions and sociable working times.


I believe adverse human impact on the environment should be minimised, with resources used sustainably and wildlife habitats conserved, so the environment can continue indefinitely to support life.


I believe treatment should be available to everyone as and when needed. I also favour tackling the causes of ill health.

International Relations

I favour co-operation with other countries, at both continental and global levels, such that the participants can pursue common objectives and defend each other's interests, through organisations that uphold democracy and human rights.

Law and Order

I believe the objectives of punishment should be to protect innocent people and to obtain reparation for the victims of crime. I also favour tackling the underlying causes of crime.

Migration and Multiculturalism

I recognise the right of people to migrate in order to escape persecution or to seek a better life, subject to the population capacity of their intended destination. Additionally, while I recognise their right to practise their culture wherever they go, I believe the native culture(s) of a country should be its "official" one(s).


I favour a transport policy which restrains road capacity, provides alternatives to private and commercial road vehicles, and improves road safety.

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