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Chris Fox's Politics Section


For the purposes of this section, a campaign is a collection of activities aimed at influencing public opinion, government policy, or commercial or industrial practices.

A campaign can have either or both of two aims: to bring attention to a cause or to raise support for that cause. Any medium of communication may be used, from personal conversation to mass broadcast via television or radio.

People have every right to campaign, to the extent that their actions do not infringe the rights of others. In doing so, they can adopt a range of tactics. Publications such as letters, articles, leaflets and posters enable campaigners to express their views. Debates and meetings allow people to listen to the campaigners' arguments. Demonstrations also bring attention to a cause. Petitions show support for a cause. Fundraising events raise money to support a campaign.

People can campaign either alone or with a pressure group. Pressure groups in turn can campaign together. Campaigning with a pressure group has advantages: members can share views and ideas, and can coordinate their campaigns.

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