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Knowledge of management is essential for anyone who wants to run an engineering company.

There are five basic management functions. Planning is about deciding what the company should do and when; it also involves ascertaining the necessary resources and identifying any constraints. Organising is concerned with setting the staff structure, for example the management team, and deciding who does what type of work. Staffing involves recruiting people to fill the staff structure and, if necessary, training them. Leading is concerned with motivation and with directing and influencing the task-related activities of group members. Controlling involves ensuring performance matches the relevant standards.

It is not only the company as a whole that needs effective management. This chapter also covers process planning and project management. Process planning involves producing the manufacturing instructions, such as the operations list and a list of required tools, that are needed to manufacture a product.

A project may be defined as a collection of related activities that are designed to meet specified aims and objectives. The area of project management covers planning, scheduling and controlling. Scheduling in turn is concerned with sequencing activities and estimating activity times.

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