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Curriculum Vitae

AutoCAD Operator, Thermoplant Offshore Services

I obtained this job through the recruitment agency Nova Design, after seeing an advertisement at a job centre. I attended an interview on 13 February 2012 and started work the same day.

Thermoplant manufacture heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units; these include air handling units, air conditioning units and water chiller units. My job was to use AutoCAD to produce and amend general arrangement drawings of the units, plus electrical, pipework and ductwork drawings and drawings showing the layouts of the control panels. Electrical schematic diagrams show the electrical instruments and the wires connecting them; the pipework and ductwork drawings also have this format. Electrical interconnection diagrams show the connections between terminals, and show the control panels to which terminals belong. Block diagrams are similar to the interconnection diagrams except that the terminals along the top of the drawing are not shown.

Another of my tasks was to calculate the centre of gravity of each unit, using an already prepared spreadsheet. I was one of those who were given this task after the person in charge of the drawing office left in June 2012, although the task was later given to someone else.

On 21 July, I was told my job was to end on the 28th, due to a decline in the company's workload.

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