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Curriculum Vitae

CAD Operator (Temporary), Scott Wilson

In November 2002, I was contacted by a recruitment consultant at Samac Services. She told me that Scott Wilson were looking for a CAD Operator to work at their Kingston upon Hull office, in the Alfred McAlpine offices on Marfleet Avenue. After an interview, I started work on 16 December 2002.

Scott Wilson designed improvements to Hedon Road, Kingston upon Hull, part of the A1033 Hull to Withernsea road. The stretch of road in question runs from Drypool, near the city centre, to Saltend, just outside the city. The designs included splitting of the four-lane single carriageway into a dual carriageway between Southcoates Lane and Saltend, construction of five new roundabouts and enlargement of the Saltend roundabout. Also included were a new section of dual carriageway between Drypool and Southcoates Lane and a flyover at the Saltend roundabout.

The drawings of the project were divided into categories, according to the type of work covered by each drawing. My job was to use AutoCAD to amend the drawings according to instructions written on them.

Technical Queries (TQs), most of which required changes to be made, were stored in folders. Their numbers were written on the drawings they affected, together with any other necessary notes. I therefore had to look in the folders in order to ascertain the required changes.

The drawings were stored on compact discs; I transferred each drawing to the computer as I started work on it. One drawing contained an overall plan of the Hedon Road corridor, giving both existing and projected features; I copied this drawing, using the External Reference function, into the other drawings as I amended them.

Only one computer in the office had AutoCAD, and a colleague sometimes needed that computer for another purpose. At those times, I was asked to check that each of the TQ numbers had been written on the appropriate drawing(s).

This job ended on 31 January 2003.

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