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Curriculum Vitae

Middleton on the Wolds Chess Club

I set up Middleton on the Wolds Chess Club in August 1999, shortly after leaving university. I had been informed that there used to be a chess club at the Robin Hood Inn in the village, and that the pub (public house) still had a chess set. After a brief discussion with the landlord, it was decided that the Club would meet in the pub on Wednesday evenings.

Following this, I sent information about the Club to newspapers and the village newsletter, and had a poster displayed in the village shop.

The Club met in the bar area. There was another room (which has since been merged with the bar area), but the Club never had enough members to justify using it; although had we been able to field teams, we would have had to play matches in a different room.

At one point, I had the idea of a Yorkshire Wolds Chess League. I asked pubs in other villages whether their customers wanted to form teams, and also invited Beverley and Bridlington Chess Clubs to join. Two pubs offered to ask their customers, but no teams were fielded. I only contacted venues in the East Riding of Yorkshire unitary authority area because I hoped to see a promotion and relegation system set up to connect the Yorkshire Wolds League and possible other leagues to the Hull & District 4-board league.

In Spring/Summer 2000, I and three other players attended the Club regularly. We discussed fielding a team in the Hull & District Summer League, but we missed the deadline. Soon afterwards, the other players left the Club.

Later that year, I submitted the Club's application to join the Hull & District Chess Association, which was accepted. Unfortunately, however, affiliation generated neither the publicity nor the interest needed to attract enough members to form teams (The Club was in any case already mentioned on the HDCA website).

The Club left the HDCA in 2003, after the Association decided that only those Club Representatives whose clubs have league teams may vote and table proposals at Executive Committee meetings.

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