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Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience Placement, Humberside County Council

The county of Humberside was created in 1974 from parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. From an administrative point of view, this had advantages, as it allowed the ports on the River Humber to be administered by a common authority. However, by straddling cultural boundaries it proved unpopular. In 1996, Humberside and its boroughs were abolished and replaced by four unitary authorities - East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston upon Hull, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire - Kingston upon Hull retaining the boundary it had prior to 1996. Beverley, which had been the administrative centre of Humberside, became the administrative centre of the East Riding of Yorkshire.

In 1993, Driffield Comprehensive School arranged a work experience placement for each student in my year. The object was to give students an insight into employment. Each placement lasted for one week.

From 7 to 11 June, I worked in the Property Services Department of Humberside County Council, at their headquarters at County Hall, Beverley. As my placement was in landscape architecture, my main task was to redesign, on paper, the outbuildings and garden of another member of the Department; the outbuildings were to become accommodation. I never found out whether any of my designs were adopted.

At one point, I used a computer package (I do not know which one) to draw a basic three-dimensional picture of the outbuildings.

On one day, a member of the Department took me to visit three sites which were the subjects of landscape drawings drawn by Council employees. In each case, the landscaping was either complete or projected. The sites were Howden, Boothferry (in Goole) and Airmyn Primary Schools.

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