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Curriculum Vitae

Driffield Comprehensive School

Driffield is a market town in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It is bypassed by the A614 Goole to Bridlington road and served by the Kingston upon Hull to Scarborough railway line, and is connected by road to both Kingston upon Hull and York.

From 1989 until 1996, I studied at Driffield Comprehensive School, taking my General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) examinations in 1994 and my Advanced Levels (A-Levels) in 1996.

My strongest subject was Mathematics, in which I scored a grade A* in my GCSEs and a grade A in my A-Levels. As part of my A-Level course, I visited Spiers Bank House, in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

My knowledge of Science was reflected by a grade A in my GCSE exam; at GCSE level, the Science exam counts as two. I followed this up with an A-Level grade B in Physics.

My only other A-Level subject was Geography, which I failed at that level mainly because I did not write in sufficient depth about subjects. I had already scored a grade B in my GCSEs, and chose to continue studying the subject because of an interest in town planning and concern for the environment. My A-Level fieldwork was aimed at discovering the types and patterns of services in selected streets of the city of York, as well as people's shopping habits.

The only foreign language I studied at school was French, in which I obtained a GCSE grade B. As part of the courses, I took part in role plays, wrote fictional documents and wrote to France for information.

My only other GCSE passes came in English and English Literature: I came away with a grade C in both.

I also studied Sociology at GCSE level, due to my interest in politics. Indeed, my coursework was aimed at comparing people's support for political parties with their support for specific policies (At no point did I reveal which of the three major parties supported which policies). I undertook a similar survey, with a wider audience, for an A-Level Mathematics assignment.

My only other GCSE subject was Art & Design.

In addition to the aforementioned subjects, I undertook a course in Information Technology during 1994/95, when I was in Year 12. This covered Microsoft Windows, in particular the word processing and file handling functions.

For one week in June 1993, I had a work experience placement at Humberside County Council, at its headquarters in Beverley. The intention of this was to give students an insight into employment. My placement was in landscape architecture; I spent most of the week redesigning outbuildings and a garden. This will be covered in more detail on a separate page.

In Autumn 1994, I was elected first to the Sixth Form Committee then, by that body, to the Student Council, which covers the whole school. I held both positions until I left school. This gave me the chance to share views and ideas, as well as to represent students' concerns.

In each of my first three years at school, I took part in a knockout chess tournament. Later, in both the 1993/94 and 1995/96 seasons, I joined a dinner time chess club.

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