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Curriculum Vitae

CAD Operator, Commercial Fitting Services (Hull) Ltd

Commercial Fitting Services (Hull) Ltd is a commercial shopfitting company. This means they redesign and renovate the interiors of buildings, installing such things as mezzanine floors, partition walls and new utility networks. A mezzanine floor, incidentally, is a new floor installed between two existing floors.

I started working for CFS on 21 July 2004, after an interview on the 16th. At the time, they were based in Hessle, East Riding of Yorkshire, although they moved to nearby Kingston upon Hull that autumn.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) work formed the core of my job. When CFS received a plan of the interior, it was saved to its own sub-folder. I then used AutoCAD to edit a copy of the drawing, adding the mezzanine floor, partition walls, lighting and anything else that needed to be included. Each type of feature was put into a different layer. When this was done, I entered the required quantities into a spreadsheet.

In order to work out the lighting arrangement, I used an application called Fillume. I drew the outline of the room and added ceiling tiles. Then I replaced some of the tiles with lights, changing the quantity and arrangement of the lights until the required quality of lighting was obtained. Finally, I copied the arrangement to the drawing.

For each job, I was asked to produce one all-inclusive drawing, plus a series of drawings each containing different features. To do this, I started by copying the Paper Space / Layout sheet - which is used to contain the title block and the view(s) to be printed - then renaming each copy accordingly. Then, using the command Freeze/Thaw in Current Viewport (A viewport is an area of paper space containing a view of the drawing), I removed layers from view until only the required features were left.

In addition to the above, for each job I was asked to produce lists containing the names and contact details of nearby suppliers and hotels.

Another of my tasks was to sort the company's stock of supplier catalogues, giving each catalogue its own reference number and each category its own range of numbers. The information was stored in Microsoft Outlook, an E-mail application, where the catalogues would be sorted by supplier and could be put in every applicable category (This could be done in Microsoft Excel, but it would mean having a separate column for each category).

Finally, I sometimes helped with the secretarial work. I was asked to open and record the mail, and to match invoices with delivery notes.

Due to a decline in the workload, my job ended on 1 July 2005.

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