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Curriculum Vitae

Clerical Assistant, Bridlington & District Hospital

On 1 July 2004, I was telephoned by a recruitment consultant from Quality Personnel. She informed me that Bridlington & District Hospital had a vacancy for a Clerical Assistant. I attended an interview at Quality Personnel on the 5th, and started work the following day.

Various employees of the hospital had been the subject of management style questionnaires filled in by their colleagues. My job was to transfer the responses given in the questionnaires to computer, using one file for each employee. The employees in question had been given management training. The questionnaires were therefore grouped not only by employee, but also according to whether they were filled in before or after the employee was trained. Scores for each employee were calculated automatically using formulae already written into the computer files.

I worked at the hospital for three days - on the 6th, 7th and 12th - until I had finished the work. I was asked whether I would be able to return to the hospital the following month, when more questionnaires would have been filled in; but by the end of July I had found a permanent job as a CAD Operator, which was more relevant to my qualifications. I informed Quality Personnel of this, so at least a replacement could be found.

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