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Curriculum Vitae

Data Inputter (Temporary), Boyes

In the afternoon of 7 January 2004, I was contacted by a recruitment consultant from Castle Employment Agency. She informed me that Boyes - the chain of clothing and household goods shops - were looking for a Data Inputter to work at their office on Havers Hill, Eastfield, North Riding of Yorkshire. I accepted the offer of employment, and started work the following day.

My work involved updating computer-based and paper stock records. In the case of computer-based records, the quantities of items in stock were written on a computer printout, and I had to insert this information into the correct records. The quantity inputted was added to the quantity already in the record; useful if one had to input figures into the same record on more than one occasion.

In the case of paper records, the stock information was given in a table. I had to calculate the cost of each item, using instructions I had been given, then multiply by the quantity. I then calculated the total stock value for each sheet. However, where an item had a valid computer code, I could insert the quantity into the relevant computer record, and the item did not need to be included in the cost calculations.

My contract was due to end on 16 January, the following Friday. However, due to unfortunate circumstances, which I will not mention here, I lost three days, and finished work on the 23rd.

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