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Curriculum Vitae

Beverley Chess Club

In September 2002, with Middleton on the Wolds Chess Club still unable to field teams, I offered to play league and cup chess for Beverley during the forthcoming season. I started playing for Beverley the following month, in first Hull & District Chess Association then Humber Chess League matches, and by the end of the year had helped the Club to win four HDCA trophies - three cups and one divisional title. In the same season, I played for a Beverley team in the HDCA Team Lightning Tournament.

In 2006, I proposed that the Club Championship be revived, using the Swiss format and dropping the handicap system (where the weaker player gets extra points or some other advantage), and offered to administer it. This was approved.

One member of the Club enjoys banging pieces on the table after capturing them. On one club night in July 2009, I told him to be quiet because a Club Championship game was being played in the room, and he swore at me and told me to mind my own business. Incidentally, one of those who were playing the Championship game had previously told him to stop banging while he himself was playing a Championship game.

Following this, I attached a letter to the member's copy of the Championship results, telling him that if there were any repeat of his behaviour I would ask that he be expelled from the Club. The following month, he was banging pieces down while a match was being played in the room. When I told him to stop, he told me I have no authority to do so and said I would be "dealt with" if I did it again, even though he has no more authority to disturb official games than I do to tell him to stop.

I therefore circulated a letter asking for an Extra Ordinary General Meeting to be called in order to have the member banned from the Club. At the same time, I removed him from the forthcoming Club Championship. Despite his behaviour, however, no EGM took place and other members of the Club are still prepared to associate with him. I was merely told that it is for the captains in a team match, or the players in an individual game, to tell people to stop disturbing official games. Meanwhile, the member continues to bang pieces on the table.

In March 2010, when I and others were playing friendly games, someone suggested swapping opponents. My enemy thought he was being asked to play me and contemptuously said, "We don't play this man". As it was obvious that his attitude would not change, even though I had said nothing for months, I circulated a letter asking how many people would support me if I proposed at the Annual General Meeting that he be banned from the Club. I received no support. The President told me the matter is between me and my enemy. Yet some time earlier, when a visiting team twice asked for me to be kept away from the Club, saying one of their members did not want to meet me, I was made to play in the other first floor room. Incidentally, the member in question did not turn up on either occasion.

On the Hull & District Chess Association page, I mention the occasion during the 2009/10 season when a Beverley team was stripped of a win, and my subsequent request that those who had taken or supported that decision be removed from the HDCA Executive Committee at the AGM. When the Beverley CC President found out what I had said, he accused me of causing trouble, despite having called the original decision silly. He added that I should have checked with him before sending the message, even though I sent it in a personal capacity, not on behalf of the Club. Finally, he said I had given my enemy an excuse to have me expelled from the Club, even though he had twice disagreed with my view that the same member should be thrown out for threatening me.

At the AGM in June 2010, my enemy asked why he had been excluded from the Club Championship. When I gave the reason, he denied threatening violence - he said he merely threatened to "sort me out" - and said he does not bear grudges. The President told him to let the Executive Committee know if he is excluded again; he added that he has had to tell the same member several times to stop disturbing official games, but still does not believe there is a problem.

At the same meeting, the President mentioned a rule that was passed at the 2009 AGM, stating that no member of the Club shall send out material on behalf of the Club without the President's permission. He then referred to the message I sent out during the 2009/10 season. When he mentioned that the rule had been passed due to a Club member's actions, the Secretary said the member "can't help himself", wrongly implying that I was that member. Also during the meeting, the Secretary said that all but one of those attending would never send out messages that the Club finds disagreeable, and told one member to be careful about what he said in case I publicised it. The President proposed that members be expelled from the Club if they break the rule; however, he has falsely accused me of breaking the rule once, so why should I believe he would not do so again?

As a result of the way I was treated by other members, I left the Club after the AGM.

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